Over the years, we have developed more than 20 different varieties of nonferrous alloys. Of those varieties, 15 have been state registered and are compliant with Chinese standards. Our free-machining brass is lead free and environmentally friendly. One of our new materials, called Ti-Zr-Zinc has the same performance as lead brass, but a cost reduced by 15-30% in order to make it more accessible to clients. This energy efficient brass can achieve a low electrical conductivity and reduced energy consumption, making it beneficial to a sustainable societal development.

Our eco-friendly alloy materials use environmentally friendly brass for bathrooms, including free cutting copper nickel alloy, and the nickel-free cupronickel.

Our high-conductivity copper alloy series mainly includes chrome bronze, zirconium bronze, copper chrome zirconium, copper nickel silicon and so on.

Our bronze alloy materials are primarily divided into free-cutting bronze, aluminum bronze and phosphor bronze.

Copper-nickel alloy produced by us can be classified as cupronickel, free cutting copper nickel alloy, copper nickel zinc alloy, and nickel silver wire for eyeglass frames and other uses.

Brass alloy usually involves a high corrosion resistance complex brass, free machining brass and copper zinc alloy, among other materials.

Our brazing filler metal is classified as silicon braze, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese copper, zinc copper, nickel copper, brass and so on. It is extensively used for manual welding and automatic welding in diversified industries.

Substitutional alloy for copper alloy is primarily referred to as Cu-Ti-Zr-Zn alloy. It is an economically friendly new material developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ordnance Science and Research Academy of China, two of the most widely known and respected research institutes in China.

When it comes to precision molds, we can provide a variety of copper alloy, including aluminum bronze, beryllium copper, copper chrome zirconium, Cu-Ni-Si-Cr alloy and a variety of others.

Our copper alloy strip catalogue holds a complete range of strips, including phosphor bronze strips, copper nickel zinc alloy strips, copper iron alloy strips, copper nickel silicon alloy strips, copper nickel tin alloy strips, copper chromium zirconium alloy strips and copper titanium alloy strips, and more.

We also supply a variety of specialty alloy materials, including super elastic alloy, energy efficient brass alloy, high inoxidizable silver copper alloy and low nickel, copper nickel alloy with deformation characterizes, among others.

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